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How to get your message remembered

Are you someone who likes to read the entire accountants report, sit through endless PowerPoint slides, or read the 44 page proposal from a supplier? I bet you have seen one of these and no doubt come close to “death by PowerPoint” …

I can’t take credit for all of this, but I can share what I found from reading the book IMPACT by Jon Moon and how I adapted it. The book is a must read and I have to say I’ve changed a lot of how I create presentations, write reports and proposals – all of which have made me more productive and best of all more successful. I would love to share all that I have changed, for now 3 of Jon’s tips for PowerPoint I’ve adapted and my top tip – buy the book and visit Jon’s website


In the current economic times it’s no surprise that when a company selects a vendor for services they ask about financial stability. So you want to make sure that when you present to the buyers they remember the key points that are meaningful and hopefully secure you the deal.

I tend to go one step further and add some images. This in this example gets two messages across – consistent growth and profitability. All the other points you can discuss. They will remember the key point 3O years consistent growth and profitability.


You want your audience to remember a key process change coming into effect. You could present as 4 bullet points or try an acronym.

A cartoon that reinforces

I kind of wish I had been more focused in the graphic design class at school as I really wish I could draw great cartoons – Google Images you are my rock! You do have to be careful here (copyright, appropriateness of the cartoon etc.) and to be fair this is very much my take on using a cartoon. See Jon’s in his book. Smart Art I’ve used for showing a workflow / process, yet recently I’ve started to use the great cartoon you see below, to show how we don’t do it. My audience remember the cartoon as us knowing what not to do, and then I show then a slide with a creative looking document template and talk about the process. Fun to formal in 2 slides I find gives you an element of control at the same time as delivering a clear message.


RFI questions for bespoke eLearning services

Do you need a good set of RFI questions for bespoke eLearning? – in trying to help out a colleague, after the realisation of the hours spent on completing poorly designed RFIs, I picked myself up and sifted threw the plethora of RFIs I had experienced, I did manage to dig out some good questions.

head in hands!

I shared this set content RFI, which in my opinion helps vendors establish priorities and apply an appropriate amount of time when it comes to RFIs. From the buyers perceptive better designed RFIs like this saves time from not having to compile detailed, quite often unnecessary requirements/questions, let alone the time saved when reading/scoring the RFIs.

I’d love to hear views from vendors and buyers out there…

campaign to wipe out ineffective, inefficient, flabby elearning

The eLearning Network is waging a campaign to wipe out ineffective, inefficient, flabby elearning.  We want great elearning and we want it now!




Unicorn Training named eLearning Development Company of the Year at the 2011 eLearning Awards

Unicorn’s Neill McWillliams, Mark Jones, Lucy Cartlidge and Jackie Kennedy collected the award on behalf on the delighted Unicorn team and their guests at the Awards Gala Evening at the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square.

Regarded as the most prestigious award of the evening, the Development company of the Year Gold award recognises both Unicorn’s 20 years of consistent growth and continuing innovation as well as our exceptional achievements in 2011 with the launch of SkillsServe and the development of new engaging compliance courses for the UK and US markets.

Neill McWilliams, Unicorn Training Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to have won this year’s top Award. The credit must go to our dedicated team of instructional designers, project managers, software developers, graphic designers, IT and hosting specialists and client support team at our offices in London, Bournemouth and New York who work so hard to keep Unicorn at the forefront of financial services eLearning delivery. The eLearning Awards are considered the benchmark in British eLearning innovation, creation and development so it is great to have had the creativity and value of our work once again recognised by the judges.”

Earlier in the evening Unicorn also picked up an award in the “best use of rapid eLearning” category for our e-workplace application and template. The awards come towards the end of another year of remarkable activity across all aspects of the Unicorn business.

Highlights include the ongoing growth of our Web 2.0 learning management platform, SkillsServe, with over 110,000 registered users from 200 clients in the UK and the US now using SkillsServe, our hugely-successful partnership with the CII developing and launching new RDR compliant and gap-fill tools to CII members, and our involvement in a number of innovative bespoke eLearning development projects.

In 2011 we also launched our US operation in partnership with Wolters Kluwer Financial Services (WKFS), the leading worldwide provider of compliance, risk management and audit solutions for the financial services industry, and had our commitment to information security recognised with British Standards Institution (BSI) certification for ISO 27001.

Are we still – wow… that looks amazing eLearning rather than, wow… that really has great learning outcomes!

I still see many examples of not just click next and read (as David Guralnick IELA referred to recently when commenting that the e-learning user experience is ‘underappreciated’ , but many firms use impressive design to make it look good, but actually its very poorly written/ID content, with limited time spent on testing the learning outcomes.

Let’s hope we see some amazing learning outcomes in the award submissions this year!

Tips on starting a Learning community with Bloomfire

Free to use library of jQuery Tools

Some good stuff in here and well documented

Interesting presentation tool – SlideRocket

A colleague of mine came across a presentation tool called SlideRocket. It’s slide based so could be a possible alternative to PowerPoint.  The advantages it has over PowerPoint are: 

  • It’s online so always up-to-date and easy to share amongst ourselves and prospects
  • Built-in analytics so you can see where people are spending their time
  • Forms and polls to gather user feedback

If you visit you can find out more. This video gives a short overview.

It’s also iPad / iPhone compatible so you could use it to create mobile compatible presentations.

Great use of CodeBaby from @wslashjack

their website is quite good to walk around… in particular the page on their work…

Project Tin Can – SCORM Communication Modernization

At today’s ELN I raised the question to the room about how as a Network and industry do we influence and collaborate to improve the standards for content integration and got this…

What are your views?