How to get your message remembered

Are you someone who likes to read the entire accountants report, sit through endless PowerPoint slides, or read the 44 page proposal from a supplier? I bet you have seen one of these and no doubt come close to “death by PowerPoint” …

I can’t take credit for all of this, but I can share what I found from reading the book IMPACT by Jon Moon and how I adapted it. The book is a must read and I have to say I’ve changed a lot of how I create presentations, write reports and proposals – all of which have made me more productive and best of all more successful. I would love to share all that I have changed, for now 3 of Jon’s tips for PowerPoint I’ve adapted and my top tip – buy the book and visit Jon’s website


In the current economic times it’s no surprise that when a company selects a vendor for services they ask about financial stability. So you want to make sure that when you present to the buyers they remember the key points that are meaningful and hopefully secure you the deal.

I tend to go one step further and add some images. This in this example gets two messages across – consistent growth and profitability. All the other points you can discuss. They will remember the key point 3O years consistent growth and profitability.


You want your audience to remember a key process change coming into effect. You could present as 4 bullet points or try an acronym.

A cartoon that reinforces

I kind of wish I had been more focused in the graphic design class at school as I really wish I could draw great cartoons – Google Images you are my rock! You do have to be careful here (copyright, appropriateness of the cartoon etc.) and to be fair this is very much my take on using a cartoon. See Jon’s in his book. Smart Art I’ve used for showing a workflow / process, yet recently I’ve started to use the great cartoon you see below, to show how we don’t do it. My audience remember the cartoon as us knowing what not to do, and then I show then a slide with a creative looking document template and talk about the process. Fun to formal in 2 slides I find gives you an element of control at the same time as delivering a clear message.

About Mark Jones

It is time to step up. I’ve dedicated the past 12 years to eLearning and supporting the industry. Now I use my experience and knowledge of professional qualifications, CPD and learning and development solutions, including face-to-face, off-the-shelf, bespoke and learning management systems, to help steer our industry through the future. I’m not one for convention and I thrive in debates. I’m not one for being known for my written words, other than being a typo pro – thank you proof readers you are my rock! When it comes to talking, you will find it hard to stop me, I love to share and share the love!

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