RFI questions for bespoke eLearning services

Do you need a good set of RFI questions for bespoke eLearning? – in trying to help out a colleague, after the realisation of the hours spent on completing poorly designed RFIs, I picked myself up and sifted threw the plethora of RFIs I had experienced, I did manage to dig out some good questions.

head in hands!

I shared this set content RFI, which in my opinion helps vendors establish priorities and apply an appropriate amount of time when it comes to RFIs. From the buyers perceptive better designed RFIs like this saves time from not having to compile detailed, quite often unnecessary requirements/questions, let alone the time saved when reading/scoring the RFIs.

I’d love to hear views from vendors and buyers out there…

About Mark Jones

It is time to step up. I’ve dedicated the past 12 years to eLearning and supporting the industry. Now I use my experience and knowledge of professional qualifications, CPD and learning and development solutions, including face-to-face, off-the-shelf, bespoke and learning management systems, to help steer our industry through the future. I’m not one for convention and I thrive in debates. I’m not one for being known for my written words, other than being a typo pro – thank you proof readers you are my rock! When it comes to talking, you will find it hard to stop me, I love to share and share the love!

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