Practical tips for learning design and development

Submitted by Clive Shepherd on ELN on 11 February 2011 – 11:37am

If you were at Learning Technologies 2011, you may have seen eLN’s Rob Hubbard present his practical tips for learning design and development. Don’t worry if you didn’t, because you can see his Prezi presentation online here

About Mark Jones

It is time to step up. I’ve dedicated the past 12 years to eLearning and supporting the industry. Now I use my experience and knowledge of professional qualifications, CPD and learning and development solutions, including face-to-face, off-the-shelf, bespoke and learning management systems, to help steer our industry through the future. I’m not one for convention and I thrive in debates. I’m not one for being known for my written words, other than being a typo pro – thank you proof readers you are my rock! When it comes to talking, you will find it hard to stop me, I love to share and share the love!

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  1. Mark,

    Good to see you blogging – just getting my own new WordPress site up and running.


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